Alyletters the Podcast

Alyletters the Podcast

Alyletters The Podcast aims to empower christian youths, young adults and creatives to gain clarity & purpose in faith, work & life.

Fueled by His word, directed by the Holy Spirit & refined by personal experiences, this Podcast equips you with battle plans to navigate through daily struggles, confusing circumstances & heartbreaks.

Alyletters The Podcast - Listener Reviews (iTunes)

Powerful speaker!

 Aly is clearly anointed and shares powerful messages. I can't wait to follow her journey and listen to her words of wisdom and encouragement each week.

- desertdweller1,04/07/2019

I could listen to you for hours! 

Thank you, Aly, for walking in obedience and sharing your heart with the world. Your sweet voice and beautiful accent is soothing to my ears. I look forward to following all you have to offer.

- PolishingMyLife,04/07/2019

 Never too late! 

Love that she encourages others to push forward even when you can’t see the whole picture. Just listen! You’ll LOVE it!

- Charter the Charter Starter , 04/07/2019

 Wonderful podcast! 

Love that Alley is so passionate for sharing her faith with others.

- OneBadassLife , 07/03/2019

God Honouring Podcast! 

Loved Aly’s sharing! She’s fresh, fun & grounded in Gods word. Looking forward to more!

- Chooks66,07/03/2019

Jesus is amazing to give you your boldness! 

Thank you for sharing your testimony, Aly! Jesus has so many plans for you with this new online ministry through your podcast. Continue to rely on Him for strength & courage.

- Jaclyncastro,03/07/2019

Real & Relatable 

Amidst the hustle of modern life, it’s always refreshing to hear a biblical perspective of how God wants us to walk in life. 

 Alicia communicates her thoughts and experiences with empathy and sensitivity to the Spirit. Her messages are timely and applicable to anyone that wishes to become more confident in their walk in life and with Christ!

- Jeffrey.Seow,03/07/2019

Heartfelt sharingGreat way to start and end the day! 

Listened to this on the way to work and back home from work, really enjoyed the podcasts that were carefully curated and shared from the heart. Thank you Alicia for the effort put in to bless us 😊

- ezzyneo,03/07/2019

Christ-centered Sharing! 

Listened to the first episode and I’m glad I did! It was an honest and real testimony - one that was God-centered and Word-filled! So so blessed by this! :) Can’t wait to listen to the others!

- ccharrrrr,03/07/2019

Keep it up 

Heartfelt and genuine sharing. Keep up the good work.

- LisaSeah,03/07/2019

Such a genuine, relatable and uplifting podcast! 

Thank you for being willing to be vulnerable and transparent. Thank you for choosing to lend your voice (and talents!) for His Kingdom’s work!! Excited for the next episode!!  

- Ahbgfd,02/07/2019

Genuine and inspiring! 

Aly has a beautiful way of sharing her experience so that it moves you to fulfill your own calling.

- Angela Mager,01/07/2019

Genuine sharing!

Very genuine & vulnerable sharing that I could really relate to personally! :’) if you’re searching for your calling in life, you should take time to listen!

- estdoodles,01/07/2019

Inspired and Encouraged!

I can really relate to what Aly shares about in her episodes(: It is relevant, practical & very encouraging. Cant wait to hear more!

- tuboftaffy,30/06/2019

Great inspirational podcast 

This podcast really amaze me and inspired me and many ways. Speaker is really true to herself when she talk about her own personal experience. Highly recommended, I promise you won’t regret after listening to it.

- JamieToh,29/06/2019